The Model Portfolio vs. The S&P 500

See how our model portfolio has stacked up against the S&P 500 in the last few years (Using Real Data).

What Kind of Companies Are in The Model Portfolio?
Our portfolio is made up of companies who embody a strict set of characteristics. These companies are those that can reliably be predicted to raise their dividends by at least 8 to 10% per year. We call them Superior Dividend Growers (SDGs).
Pays a dividend that has an extensive, consistent history of a CAGR of 8%-10% per year.
Has an extensive, established global footprint, and is therefore probably very large.
Operates in an expanding area of economic activity.
It has lots of extra money (excess free cash flow), and has had this feature for some time.
It is at the top of its sector or peer group with respect to market share for most of its products.
SDGs Are Companies We’re All Familiar With
In order to be an SDG, a company must have an extensive global footprint as well as excess free cash to pay an increasing dividend to investors, due to such rigorous metrics, the companies you’ll find in the model portfolio are ones that we’re all familiar with.
Monthly Income Reports
Included in your subscription are 2 monthly income reports. The report you see here is an overview of the model portfolio’s performance as a whole. The second income report (not shown here) is a much more detailed breakdown of income as it affects each company in the model portfolio. The goal of showing you these income reports is to educate and inform you about the income performance of companies held within the model portfolio.
Monthly Price Reports
This is the portfolio price report you’ll receive with each newsletter. This chart highlights the performance of the portfolio against the S&P500. You’ll notice that we outperform the S&P each year. While this is true, and quite impressive, we cannot stress enough that our strategy is grounded upon a focus for income growth, not price performance. While it may be enjoyable to see stocks rise, we prefer to keep a much more passive look on the market. We want to make it clear that we invest for predictable income, not for unpredictable market movements.
Monthly Newsletter
The monthly newsletter features commentary on the companies in the portfolio, commentary on income performance, strategic information in regards to implementation of the model portfolio, news updates and potential changes to the portfolio (usually 2-3 transactions occur each year). While you don’t need to read the whole newsletter each month, we recommend doing so as it will build your knowledge about the strategy behind our DGI model portfolio as well as keep you up to date about the companies within the portfolio. Some of our subscribers prefer to read the whole newsletter, while some others prefer to quickly glance at it and see if any of the companies have been substituted out of the portfolio.
Communicate With the Author
The author, Mr. Robert J. Albers is available to you to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding the model portfolio and his implementation of it. Mr. Robert J. Albers has 25 years experience in self-education in the world of investments. Since 2005, this self-education odyssey has mostly been concentrated on (a) whether dividend growth investing was possible, and (b) on exactly how the individual could learn to build safe, growing income streams. He has created several dividend growth portfolios which have generated rising year-to-year income. This model portfolio is the result of his ongoing study.
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    • Monthly DGI Performance Chart
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    • Your Very Own Framework to a Safe, Growing Income Stream!



Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly do I get with my subscription?

The model portfolio was designed to allow us to show individual investors exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. You can build a safe, growing income stream by simply buying the companies shown in our model portfolio, and then reading the monthly newsletter to see which companies we’re substituting out when they no longer fit our criteria (this usually occurs only 1-2 times per year). Also included are the following:

  • Monthly income reports
  • Monthly price performance reports
  • DGI monthly newsletter
  • Open communication with the portfolio’s creator/manager
How often are there changes to the portfolio?

Our goal is to have 0 transactions per year. In a perfect market environment this would be true. Since we play in an imperfect market environment and changes do occur, we average about 1-2 transactions per year.

How safe is the model portfolio?

The model portfolio consists of 25+ of the largest, growing companies in the world across a plethora of industries. Only with our strict criteria are we able to get such a high growth in dividend income each year. With all that said, the model portfolio is quite safe and for good reason – it’s specifically designed to create a safe, growing income stream.

If I have questions, how can I reach you?

If you have general questions about DGI or the model portfolio specifically, you can ask them at the bottom of this page. As for subscribers to the model portfolio, we have a priority messaging system that allows them to access the author and his team.

What’s the difference between the two subscription rates?

The only difference is a discount for those who subscribe for 2 years versus those who subscribe for 1 year.

Who created the model portfolio?

Mr. Robert J. Albers created the model portfolio. You can learn more about him here.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Get in Touch!